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  • Our mission for over two decades has been to educate our clients and have them share our vision for:

    • A guaranteed future
    • Freedom from uncertainties or stress
    • Largely eliminating unnecessary losses that can seriously impair someone's retirement
  • Our goal is to generate a lifetime income our clients cannot outlive and allow them to enjoy what they have earned without the fear of running out of money.

    At American Insurance Advisors, we will make sure you benefit from our experience, advice and successful retirement strategies.

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About American Ins. Advisors

After being a consistent top advisor for 5 years with Florida's largest brokerage firm, Francois Cousinet became disenchanted with the direction the company was taking, as corporate interests seemed to become more important than the client's.

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In 1992, Francois created American Insurance Advisors with the goal of educating his clients. He shares a vision for a guaranteed future, free of uncertainties or stress, largely eliminating unnecessary losses that can drastically impair someone's retirement.

Our approach to helping you achieve your retirement goals is very personal, and each client is treated as a member of our big family. We strive to establish long-term relationships instead of business transactions, and we’ve done so for over two decades.

About Francois

Francois Cousinet was born in the South of France and came to the U.S in 1980, after living in London, England for 5 years. He has been helping individuals and families realize their retirement goals since 1986.

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He and everyone in his office pride themselves in protecting assets as well as growing them. Francois has been a retirement planning seminar leader and trainer as well as a key speaker at numerous associations and colleges.

Some of Francois' memberships and honors include the following:

  • “Leading Performer Golden Award” in the long-term care industry.
  • I.I.C's “Top 1% Of The Nation” award.
  • GWL's “Outstanding Achievement In The Industry” award.
  • Selected by the Impact Partnership as one of the top 60 insurance advisors in the US.
  • Selected to the “Master's Forum” of which he is a member of the highly coveted “Diamond Club” since 2003.

Francois has avidly studied international economy and international politics for over 35 years. He is widely acclaimed as an authority on those subjects by the financial community.

Francois is married to his best friend, Sandy, with whom he likes to spend a lot of time. He is also a very accomplished golfer and has the distinction of being the only amateur in the world on record to have scored “eight straight birdies!" His best round ever was a nine under par 63, at Twisted Oaks Country Club in Beverly Hills , Florida.

About Julien

Julien Cousinet is a Florida native. He began his insurance career at a young age and was instrumental in establishing a well-known property and casualty agency in Central Florida.

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His obvious natural aptitude for the retirement planning industry has enabled him to rapidly gain knowledge and experience in his field. He now works alongside his father at American Insurance Advisors, where he acts as Vice President. Julien is also the co-host of “Planning For A Better And Safer Retirement” started by his father in 1992. Julien is married to his wife, Tiffany, and together they have two children, Jean-Paul and James. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his family.


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To the best of our ability, we conduct our business biblically and never forget that our money is on loan from God and we are called to be good hosts of it.

We will show you how to invest your money with competitive yields while protecting your principal. If you are a saver, learn how to fight inflation, preserve and increase your purchasing power without risking your savings. As we age, we can less stand the losses and lack of liquidity in the market as life has given us less time to recover.

People today are more concerned than ever about outliving their money. With all the bumps in the road through your retirement years, it is vital that you map out your retirement to:

  • Minimize taxes
  • Keep more of your Social Security check
  • Enable your investments to effectively fight inflation while
  • Protecting your principal and gains, and
  • Protect your wealth from your health by creating a barrier between the two with a Long Term Care Plan


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